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4 Tips for Reporting Capital Gains

PHOENIX, March 25, 2013 / MARKETWATCH /

By now you should have received your amended or revised 1099s from your brokerages and investment houses. I hope (unless yours is really simple) you haven’t filed your tax return yet. Why? The original 1099s are issued purely to comply with the IRS distribution deadline of Jan. 31. They barely reflect reality, because investment houses haven’t had the time to gather information from all their funds and other investments and finalize their accounting. Read more…

NetWorth Services Introduces New Web Application

PHOENIX, Feb.19, 2013 /Reuters /

NetWorth Services  has introduced a powerful new web application that will allow financial planners and advisors to easily manage their clients’ entire portfolio online. It is called  ePortfolio Manager, and it is the only aggregator that supports after-tax return advice.
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